Pie Chart
To create a pie chart:
To add charts to your app log into MATHTAB. Navigate to your app from myApps page. Click on the Edit button. This will open your app in the app editor.

Click on the respective table tab in which you want to build the chart (e.g. Table 1). This will display table menu in the toolbar section of the app editor.

To add a pie chart, click on the add button (with + symbol) next to Pie Chart on the toolbar.

Note: A table must exist to add data to the pie chart.

This will launch the Pie Chart Properties form as shown in following figure.


By default, the label option will be selected. Click Remove Labels if you do not want to add labels to your pie chart. Select the column and row data you want represented in the chart. To create the chart, press the Ok button. The chart will be created in the User Interface tab.


To modify a pie chart:

To modify the chart properties, double-click on the chart element. The following Pie Chart Properties window will appear.


From the Properties window, you can perform the following tasks.
  1. Modify x-y location on the user interface
  2. Change the chart width and height
  3. Remove or add labels
  4. Change the chart radius
  5. Delete the chart

To delete the pie chart:
You can delete the pie chart by clicking the Delete button on the Properties toolbar.

IMPORTANT: You must save the app by pressing the Save button next to the Edit Mode button.