Data stored in tables can be used in your app. Tables can only be added/modified within the app editor.

To add a table:
To add tables to your app, log into MATHTAB. Navigate to your app from myApps page. Click on the Edit button. This will open your app in the app editor.

Click on the respective table tab (e.g. Table 1). This will display the Table menu in the toolbar section of the app editor.


To add a table, click on the add button (with + sign) next to Table. This will open the Create Table form.


Enter the desired number of rows and columns and press OK.


To modify a table:
You can add/delete rows and columns using the respective button in the table menu. To delete a table, press the table delete button next to the table add button. You cannot delete a table or a row/column if the table has been created using data from another tab.

You can change the width and precision of values for a given column by using the Column Properties toolbar. Double-click on the title of the column (i.e. Column1) to launch the Column Properties toolbar as shown in the following image.

Enter the revised values and press the Okay button to apply the changes.

IMPORTANT: You must save the app by pressing the Save button next to the Edit Mode button.