Turn Calculations into Interactive Web Applications.

MATHTAB, a cloud computing based application, enables its users to convert their calculations into easy to use, sharable web applications, which improves their productivity by providing them a platform to build a sustainable ecosystem of calculations.

Features of the MATHTAB Platform

  • Script
    MATHTAB features its own scripting language called MTScript, which not only provides basic programming constructs such as loops and conditional statements, but also provides an extensive library of built-in functions for linear algebra and numerical and statistical analysis. MTScript also supports user-defined functions, subroutines, and non-linear solver modules.
  • User Interface
    The GUI developer of MATHTAB allows users to upload customized images, documents, data tables, etc., in addition to defining input and output variables.
  • Tables & Charts
    With fully integrated spreadsheet like tables, MATHTAB makes data analysis easy and convenient through the creation of various charts and XY plots for better data visualization.

About the Developer

The developer of MATHTAB holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and has more than a decade of experience creating design tools for product development functions using various programming languages, spreadsheet tools, and engineering analysis packages.